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Contingency Instruction: Contingency Instruction

Contingency Instruction Purpose

Continuity of instruction is important for student success and retention. In the event of the following scenarios a faculty member may need to provide instruction remotely. 

  1. Faculty member is ill
  2. Faculty member is attending a conference or away
  3. Many students in a class are ill
  4. University shut down in case of a natural disaster or pandemic (see university website due to an emergency event)

This general readiness guide will help faculty members prepare alternate course delivery methods for content, facilitate faculty-student communication, develop assignments, and an alternate attendance policy for course syllabi. The suggestions herein are meant to guide faculty not to dictate policies and procedures. 

Instructional Components

Each item in the menu to the right is an instructional component of your course. Select an item to find prompting questions and suggestions for how to address each component.

Acknowledgement: James Madison University CIT and CLT